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The eco-system of bacteria that live in your mouth is fascinating. Even thousands of years ago, way before microscopes were invented and we could actually see the tiny living organisms that inhabit our mouths, Chinese doctors were inspecting their patients’ tongues for evidence of various illnesses or conditions. Today, with modern scientific tools and procedures, we are able to look very closely at the different kinds of bacteria that live inside of us. Many studies today are focused on trying to understand the possible connections between mouth bacteria and overall health. Here are some interesting headlines that you might find in just a quick Internet search, from Dr. Pham your Chula Vista dentist, and your Bonita dentist.
·      Bacteria Responsible for Gum Disease Facilitates Rheumatoid Arthritis
·      Bacteria May Signal Pancreatic Cancer Risk
·      Research Links Bacteria in Mouth to Colorectal Cancer
The number of studies involving mouth bacteria indicates what an interesting and important area of the body the mouth is.
Here are a few other interesting links about mouth bacteria:
·      Oral Bacteria Create a Fingerprint in Your Mouth
·      New Candy Eats ‘Bad’ Bacteria in the Mouth, Benefitting Teeth
Of course mouth bacteria is an important element of oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing regularly, as well as having regular dental check-ups help greatly in keeping your mouth eco-system running smoothly.
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