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Are you worried about yellowing teeth? Dr. Pham, your Chula Vista cosmetic dentist answers a few frequently asked questions about yellow teeth.
What causes yellow teeth?
Yellow teeth, and discolored teeth in general, are commonly caused by a few different things, including plaque from not brushing your teeth well or often enough, smoking or chewing tobacco, drinks (coffee, tea, wine), and aging.  Certain diseases, certain medications, excessive fluoride, and trauma to a tooth can cause yellowing as well. Genetic factors also affect the color of your enamel and dentin — some people will naturally have whiter, or yellower, teeth.
Why do my teeth yellow as I age?
As you age, the outer layer of enamel on your tooth wears away revealing the yellower dentin underneath it.
Can children have yellow teeth?
Children too can have yellow teeth. Irregular brushing habits are usually the reason, but fluorosis (ingesting too much fluoride during the tooth-forming years) or genetic (inherited) tooth color can also be the reason a child has yellowish teeth. The first line of treatment is to help make sure your children are brushing their teeth for at least 2 minutes, twice a day.
Is the yellow permanent? Can you treat yellow teeth?
Some forms of yellow discoloration can be treated easily, others cannot.
It depends on whether the staining is exterior or interior. Exterior or “extrinsic” stains, from coffee or tobacco for instance, are not permanent and can be removed with whitening techniques. Interior or “intrinsic” stains are often not treatable except by a treatment that covers the stains, such as veneers.
What are the treatments for yellow teeth?
Extrinsic stains can be treated with teeth whitening techniques that involve bleaching, scaling, or polishing. Intrinsic stains cannot be removed with the same techniques but can be treated with techniques that cover the stains, such as veneers or Lumineers.
Do you have yellow teeth? Would you like to discuss how Dr. Pham can make them whiter and enhance your beautiful smile? Call us today with any questions you many have (619) 421 2155, or schedule a free cosmetic consultation with our online appointment scheduler.

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