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Are you afraid of pain at the dentist? Is your fear keeping you from having a procedure you need? Today’s techniques make any procedure tolerable and usually quite comfortable. Sedation dentistry keeps you in a sleepy but responsive state, feeling no pain and perceiving time in a way that makes a long procedure seem like just a few minutes. Dr. Pham is a Bonita sedation dentist and answers here a few questions about sedation dentistry.
What is sedation dentistry? Sedation dentistry allows dentists to create a state of relaxation that helps patients manage their fear and pain during dental procedures.  It involves taking medication.
What kind of medication is used for sedation dentistry? It will depend on the level of sedation, and on any sensitivity you have to the classes of drugs that are used. Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” may be used in combination with an oral mediation. Or a combination of an oral medication the night before, and one hour before, the procedure may be used.
Is sedation dentistry dangerous? No, sedation dentistry is safe but your dentist will need to examine your medical history before deciding if sedation dentistry is for you.
Will I be totally asleep? No, sedation dentistry makes you feel very sleepy but you will be breathing on your own, and able to answer questions.
For a more detailed overview of sedation dentistry, read our fact sheet on sedation.
Call us today to discuss any fear or anxiety you may be having about coming to the dentist, or for a free sedation consultation with Dr. Pham. (619) 421 2155.

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