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The holiday gift-giving season is in full swing and the Center for Beautiful Smiles and Dr. Pham, your Bonita cosmetic dentist, have put together a few ideas for gifts and stocking stuffers that really say “teeth!” in a novel way.
1.     Bogobrush, buy-one-give-one. A biodegradable designer toothbrush. In addition to its sleek bamboo-handle, Bogobrush will donate one toothbrush for every toothbrush you buy to one of their “Give One” partners – serving people in need.
2.     Mochi hearts toothbrush holder, for the whole family. The family that brushes together stays together! What’s not to love about a bunch of toothbrush-holding hearts stuck (by suction cups) above your bathroom sink?!
3.     Violight travel toothbrush. Travel in designer style with your electric travel toothbrush.
4.     Kiss My Face natural mouthwash. Who wouldn’t kiss your face if you used a natural mouthwash called “Kiss My Face”?!
5.     You’ve heard of gourmet salt? Well there’s also gourmet salt toothpaste! The natural products brand, Weleda, also makes a plant gel toothpaste.
Also, there are only a few days left to use your yearly insurance benefits – check with your provider and see if there are any dental procedures, like teeth cleaning, you should use (or lose) before the 31st! Call us today for an appointment: 619 421 2155 or use our online scheduler.

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