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If there is ONE new year’s resolution you should fulfill this year, it’s flossing regularly.
Using dental floss to dislodge small pieces of food and plaque around your teeth is key to keeping dental decay at bay. Dr. Pham, your Chula Vista dentist, and our team here at the Center for Beautiful Smiles want to stress the importance of making flossing a priority. And why not make it a new year’s resolution that you actually keep?! Here are some things about flossing to help you stay the course.
1.     Floss ’em or lose’em: Tooth decay and its (equally) “evil twin”, gum disease, are common today in America. Did you know that over 75% of Americans over 35 have some form of gum disease?! And that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss? Flossing is one of the easiest ways to combat tooth decay and gum disease. It’s so easy!
2.     Brushing alone won’t do: Brushing twice a day for 2 minutes is GREAT, but it won’t cut the (dental) cake when it comes to getting below your gum line where lots of the plaque action is happening. Flossing is a must to reach the delicate area just inside the gums where food particles can get trapped — and begin growing things you don’t want growing in your mouth!
3.     Not forgetting is more than 1/2 the battle: Do you want to floss regularly but forget to do it? Make a daily alarm on your cell phone to remind yourself! Or put a sticky note with a toothy smiley face in a place you know you will look every day. You’ll be surprised how this can help.
Flossing is simple, inexpensive, and very effective. There’s really no reason not to make it part of your dental care routine if you don’t already, especially when the alternative is tooth decay and extra dental expenses. If you are not sure how to floss correctly, watch this How to Floss Properly video or ask for a demonstration at your next appointment. Call us at 619 421 2155 or use our online appointment scheduler to set up your next regular check-up.

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