Toddler Teeth Tips from Your Dentist in Chula Vista

How can you help your toddler grow up with beautiful teeth? There are some basic things you can do. Dr. Pham, your dentist in Chula Vista, explains.
Habit honing
The strongest habits are the ones that just seem to be naturally a part of your life. Babies and toddlers are so attentive to what their parents do, and absorb patterns like sponges! Brush your own teeth alongside your toddler after each meal so that keeping teeth clean becomes an integral part of their daily life. For them, use a small, soft toothbrush with age-appropriate toothpaste. If you want to jazz it up a little, add a timer — a song you hum together, a sand-timer from a favorite game, or a kitchen timer shaped like a chicken! The benefit of regular brushing is protection for their baby teeth, their gums, their future permanent teeth, and even their jaw bones.
Nix the bottle in bed
Sending a toddler to bed with their bottle of warm milk seems like a simple panacea to grumpy bedtimes, a comforting way to fall asleep, but the natural sugars in milk coat your toddlers teeth during the time they are sleeping and give fuel to the bacteria that cause tooth decay. The problem is the same, if not worse, with juice. For teeth protection, the best is to brush teeth before falling asleep, just like for adults, and to keep them clean while sleeping.
Snacks that love teeth
Foods with a high fiber content — apples, celery, oranges, figs, carrots, almonds, bran among others — promote saliva production. Saliva is our body’s natural way of washing away bacteria. In addition to simply cleaning teeth, saliva also has neutralizing effect on acids and enzymes that attack tooth enamel. Foods with calcium and phosphates are also known to generate saliva and help put minerals back into teeth that they might have lost due to other foods. Snacks like cheese and plain yogurt fill the bill in this department.
An accident? Think fast
Read up on what to do if your child chips or knocks out a tooth. Knowing what to do right away can make the difference between saving and losing a tooth. Here is a good article:
Dealing With Kids’ Summer Dental Surprises
Check ’em up regularly
Seeing the dentist regularly for a checkup is important too. Dr. Pham and his team can help in many ways. They perform teeth cleaning, fluoride seals (on children with permanent teeth), explain and encourage healthy habits for taking care of teeth and mouths, and just generally become a part of the community that cares for your child. They can detect and treat any unusual oral or orthodontic problems early on, helping your kids stay healthy. And again, going regularly to see the dentist becomes a part of those healthy habits that set your toddlers up for a lifetime of good habits.
If you have any questions about your toddlers’ teeth, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As your dentist in Chula Vista, Dr. Pham is here to answer your questions.Center for Beautiful Smiles 619 421 2155.

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