Setting Your Expectations for Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening
Teeth-whitening sounds like it’s too good to be true. Especially for those suffering from stained teeth and are afraid of smiling wide.
But the process is exactly how it sounds, and the positive results are undeniable. Those who’ve decided to partake in the procedure have benefitted tremendously and experienced a huge boost to both their self-image and confidence.
While those considering teeth-whitening should expect to be satisfied with the end-product, there are a few ways of ensuring optimal results. Read on to learn more.

The Basics: Teeth Whitening for the Layman

No matter the practitioner, they’ll be applying peroxide to the teeth (e.g. carbamide or hydrogen peroxide) during a teeth-whitening procedure.
When the volatile oxygen molecules found in peroxide interact with any external stain, they cause a break in the molecular bonds responsible for said stains. Thus, teeth become bleached and pearly white.
Whether yellowing/stains are a result of aging, tobacco, wine, blueberries, coffee, tea, etc., a whitening procedure is more than up to the task of restoring teeth back to their former glory.

An Affordable Investment into a Whiter Smile

The average cost of a teeth-whitening procedure is $650. Home whitening kits aren’t much cheaper and don’t come with the promise of a surehanded professional doing the job right.
Considering that the whitening effects of the procedure last between 2-3 years, it’s a small price to pay. Look at it like this: 3 years is 36 months. Meaning, a glisteningly white smile costs around $18 per month.
To take it one step further, investing in whitened teeth costs less than a dollar a day over the 3 years the benefits should last.

Protecting Your Investment

Patients aiming to get the most out of their 2-3 years of promised whiteness, need to take these measures to preserve their teeth:
1. Regular teeth maintenance: There’s a reason that dental professionals tell patients – regardless of teeth-whitening procedures – to brush twice a day and floss at least once. It’s best to take extra precautions and consider brushing after drinking beverages like coffee, tea, or whine that are conducive to stains.
2. Stay away from cigarettes: Tobacco – not too surprisingly – is highly detrimental to white teeth. Using any tobacco product is bound to nullify every single positive of a teeth-whitening procedure.
3. Use whitening products: During those multiple daily brushings, it’s best to do so with gentle whitening toothpaste. Then, it’s even better to double down by rinsing out with mouthwash.
4. Dental maintenance: Come into the dentist for cleanings once every six months to maximize the effectiveness of teeth-whitening. That way, the hygienist can touch up any slight stains. There isn’t even a need for a full treatment.
Saying Goodbye to Teeth Stains is One Procedure Away
The proposition of teeth-whitening may sound like a blatant over-promise. But the procedure very much delivers on its tremendous guarantee.
And as proven in the above content, teeth-whitening is highly affordable, and the positive results are easily maintained. So why not make an appointment today with Center for Beautiful Smiles?

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