How to Fix Your Loose Dentures

One of the most prevalent issues with anyone that uses dentures is that they will over time become loose. Beyond just the physical annoyance of having a loose denture is the negative effects, it can have on your quality of life. For example, a loose denture can impede speech and make it difficult to eat.
So how do you know if you’ve got a loose denture?


There are a few common signs that you’ve got loose dentures:

      If you have trouble speaking or your speech comes across slurred
      Eating becomes difficult and food keeps getting stuck beneath the denture
      There’s pain and discomfort when wearing your dentures, and it’s hard to open your wide

What causes loose dentures?

Dentures typically sit on top of your gums. When you’re fitted for dentures, it’s made in such a way that it sits firmly and there’s limited movement.
However, as you use your dentures, the prosthetic gums on the dentures can begin warping and decay. This causes the borders of the denture that hold it in place to shift and slide – causing the denture to feel looser.
Partial dentures can also be improperly fitted and may result in feeling loose.
Finally, there’s also jawbone decay. This is a more serious condition and can manifest itself in your dentures feeling looser. As your jawbone decays, it means there’s less support for dentures, and they’ll begin to move around a lot more.
Poor saliva production in your mouth can also create discomfort and denture slips in your mouth.
It’s tough to tell what’s the right cause, and seeking a professional is the best way to know for certain.

Fixing a loose dentures

If you’ve got loose dentures then there are a few ways to fix the situation:

      Relining – this is when the denture inherently is a poor fit and needs to be fixed by doing a reline. This will usually involve having the dentures sent into the lab and adjusted after carrying out an assessment again with you get more accurate measurements.
      Adhesives – removable dentures can also be put firmly in place by using powdered or paste adhesives. These will help keep the denture in their place and prevent any food slipping beneath the denture.
      Replacement – dentures can also be entirely replaced and this is a common solution if the dentures have already been used for a few years and the wear and tear are what’s causing it to come loose.
      Denture implants – a more invasive procedure is to use implanted dentures. These are titanium replacement tooth implants that are fused to your jawbone. This implant is then used to help better hold a partial or full set denture.

Loose dentures are an easily solvable problem. By visiting your dentist or dental lab, you can assess the different solutions and determine the best one for you. Many dentures also come with a limited warranty and can cover replacement or relining for free.

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