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How do you choose a dentist? Chula Vista and Bonita dentist, Dr. D. Young Pham, gives you some guidelines and considerations about choosing your dentist.

  • Personal impression: how you feel at the dentist’s is important. If you feel safe and welcome at the dentist’s, the care you receive will go more smoothly.
  • Reputation: your dentist’s reputation is an indicator of whether they are right for you. Recommendations from friends are a first step in finding a dentist who fits your needs. Ask friends from your area who they see and if they are happy (and why). Some dentists, like Dr. Pham, will have 3rd-party companies take care of polling their patients to make sure that patient reviews and surveys are as accurate and unbiased as possible. (Click here to see Dr. Pham’s reviews.)
  • Location: is your dentist’s office easy for you to get to? If you do not have to spend too much time getting to and from the office you will be more likely to keep up with your regular dental check-ups.
  • Hours: does your dentist have hours that suit you? Most dentists have Monday through Friday hours during the day. Some offer later weekday or weekend appointments. This may be a consideration for you if you need evening or weekend appointments.
  • Specialty services: do you need special services such as braces, implants, cosmetic smile design, or gum disease treatment? Some dentists specialize in one or more areas. Ask your potential dentist if he/she has experience in the special treatment you may be looking for.
  • Specialty care: Dentist for seniors? Children’s dentist? Most dental practices aim to serve any person who needs dental care, but some practices specialize in creating a special place for a particular clientele. This can be particularly important if you are dealing with fear of dental work.
  • Availability of emergency services: do you have 3 kids in club soccer or high school football? You might want to choose a dentist who puts him/herself on call for dental emergencies. If your dentist is not available for dental emergencies, check with your insurance company or local hospital where you should go for a dental emergency.
  • Languages spoken: do you or does someone in your family need to communicate in a language besides English? Ask if someone in the practice can speak your language and be available if you need help expressing yourself or understanding requests or explanations.
  • Insurance compatibility: some insurance plans require you to have your dental care at the dentists in their network. Check with your plan provider to see who they require or recommend you see. If the dentist you are interested in isn’t in their network, ask if you are allowed to go out of the network and what the cost would be. Some plans do allow for out of network visits, but at a higher cost to you. Depending on why you want to see a particular dentist, this may or may not be worth the extra cost to you. Only you can decide.
  • Equipment: dentistry is one of the most rapidly advancing areas of human health. Ask your dentist about any new or advanced technology they may be using.

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