Nutrition and Sleep Apnea

At Duke Sleep Wellness, there are many methods to deal with sleep apnea: Oral Appliance Therapy, Myofunctional Therapy, and CPAP Machines. All of which involve …

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Top 9 Common Dental Myths

Many people with a fear of going to the dentist have heard dental myths or horror stories of a bad check up or dental practitioner …

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Do Toothache Home Remedies Actually Work?

Whenever you get a toothache, there’s typically a well-intentioned but ill-informed friend, relative, or coworker who has a “sure fire” home remedy to rid you …

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8 Most Common Oral Infections

Sticking to a daily oral care regimen and scheduling bi-annual checkups with the Center for Beautiful Smiles is about more than just white teeth and …

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Tips for Preventing Cavities

The Center for Beautiful Smiles offers dozens of treatments to get your teeth in the best shape possible, but being proactive about your oral health …

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Is Invisalign the Right Choice for Me?

Recent advancements in dentistry allow you a number of different ways to straighten your teeth. One such method, provided by the Center for Beautiful Smiles, …

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