Top 9 Common Dental Myths

Many people with a fear of going to the dentist have heard dental myths or horror stories of a bad check up or dental practitioner at some point in their lives. While these misconceptions may seem harmless at first, if they’re keeping you away from scheduling regular bi-annual appointments or leading to subpar oral health practices, they’re doing you a disservice. Without proper check-ups, the threat of major oral health issues and painful dental procedures skyrockets. We here at the Center for Beautiful Smiles want to debunk these myths so you can have the healthiest teeth possible all year round.
Brushing before a dental appointment can make up for lost time
Dentists recommend you brush for two minutes twice a day for a reason. If you don’t, your gums will turn red, swell up, and bleed more easily, and this becomes painfully obvious to the dentist. They are professionals after all.
If your gums are bleeding, avoid brushing or flossing until they stop
Your gums start to bleed in response to a build of plaque that occurs when you don’t brush or floss enough. This bleeding is a sign of gum brokerage, and you need to put in extra effort to brush and floss regularly to reverse this. If the bleeding persists, you may need professional dental cleaning.
More brushing equals healthier teeth
This should read, “more regular brushing equals healthier teeth.” You want to stick to a standard oral health care routine, but if you overbrush, you can wear down your teeth with the abrasive properties of toothpaste. This may lead to dental problems down the road. Instead, try to avoid plaque build up in the middle of the day by rinsing after eating and chewing sugar-free gum.
Children don’t need to see the dentist until their second tooth
Dentists recommend that all children be taken to the dentist by the age of one so that they can be checked out and their parents can be given the proper information on how to promote a healthy dental routine. Getting your child to the dentist at an earlier age also gives them a greater sense of comfort and lessens the likelihood that they’ll develop a fear of dentists.
Teeth whitening is damaging to your teeth
While it’s true that people can go overboard with teeth whitening, when done correctly and with professionals or professional products, it is a perfectly healthy practice. For some, it can cause tooth sensitivity or redness of gums, but these are only short-term side effects.
Pregnant women should avoid the dentist
Regular dental check-ups, as well as cleanings and fillings, are all recommended for expectant mothers. X-rays and local anesthetics are also safe, although should be avoided unless deemed necessary. Just make sure your dentist knows that you’re pregnant because some dental treatments should be avoided entirely when a woman is expecting.
Women lose a tooth for every child they give birth to
Obviously, this is an old wive’s tale. While hormonal shifts during pregnancy can increase the bacteria in the mouth and potentially lead to bleeding gums or gingivitis, tooth loss is highly unlikely if you’re sticking to a regular cleaning regimen.
Dental X-rays are unnecessary
There are many problems that dentists simply cannot see without an x-ray, such as interior decay and other structural issues. The radiation used in a dental x-ray is minuscule, particularly in the case of digital radiography, so there is nothing to fear.
Losing weight can mess up the fit of your dentures
The shape of the bone under the tissue in your mouth determines the denture size and shape. It has nothing to do with weight loss.
Dental myths run rampant, and it’s important to know what’s true and what’s false when it comes to your oral health. As always, if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a checkup, we here at the Center for Beautiful Smiles are always willing to help.

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