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Teeth Whitening is one of the more popular procedures offered at The Center for Beautiful Smiles, which is why we like to offer alternatives to conventional professional whitening systems.

Why Get Your Teeth Whitened?

As dentistry and oral health methods become more and more sophisticated, the premium set on having a sparkling smile is at an all-time high.
For those who are dissatisfied with their tooth color due to staining from smoking or drinking tea or coffee, or simply the effects of not brushing as thoroughly as one should, teeth whitening is a viable way to counteract stained and discolored teeth.

The Problem with Teeth Whitening

Many people cannot afford to spend the thousand dollars or more that some extravagant dentistry practices charge for a Hollywood teeth whitening treatment. Nor do many people have the time to sit hours in a chair to get a tooth whitening procedure done.
For people who would like to change the look of their smile for less money and less time commitment, The Venus White Max Teeth Whitening system represents a unique alternative.
Venus is an inexpensive procedure that only takes 20 minutes get done — you can do it over your lunch break. You can actually get the Venus Teeth Whitening treatment done each and every time you have your teeth cleaned at Center for Beautiful Smiles as a supplemental procedure.

Venus Teeth Whitening Benefits

Venus White Max leaves your teeth feeling clean, fresh, and sparkling. Venus also is made up of special ingredients that help add an extra layer of protection for those who have sensitive teeth.
The Venus Teeth Whitening utilizes potassium nitrate as an active ingredient, which virtually eliminates tooth sensitivity — it’s an ingredient found in all leading toothpastes.
Venus doesn’t require any impressions or models of your teeth to be made by your dentist. Venus White Max also incorporates blue and red LED light which will neutralize any uncomfortable heat, not to mention minimize and prevent harmful UV exposure.
If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Venus Teeth Whitening system, contact The Center for Beautiful Smiles today. We’ll schedule your one-on-one consultation and tell you everything you need to know.

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