What is Fluoride? Chula Vista Dentist Q&A

What is fluoride? We hear it all the time – fluoride is good for teeth. But why? What exactly is fluoride? And what does it do? Dr. Pham’s Center for Beautiful Smiles answers your questions in this Chula Vista Dentist Q&A.
Q: What is fluoride?
A: Fluoride is a mineral found naturally in soil, food, and water.
Q: Why do we need fluoride?
A:  Researchers discovered in the 1930’s that people who lived in areas with naturally fluoridated water had up to two-thirds less tooth decay. Communities began adding fluoride to water and studies continued to show that tooth decay declined as a result.
Q: How does fluoride prevent tooth decay?
A: Fluoride works in two ways. It concentrates in and strengthens developing teeth of babies and children (until about age 8), hardening the protective enamel. Fluoride also helps harden enamel on adult teeth by promoting remineralization (the process where our body replenishes enamel with calcium and phosphorus).
Q: Am I getting enough fluoride?
A: If your water contains fluoride and you use fluoridated toothpaste, you can generally consider that you are getting enough fluoride. Most toothpastes also have fluoride; check on the package to make sure.
If you aren’t sure whether or not your community fluoridates your water, you can call your local water department or check online at a website such as the State of California’s Fluoridation by Public Water Systems or the CDC’s My Water’s Fluoride.
For more detailed information on fluoride, including the effects of excessive fluoridation exposure, see the CDC’s Community Water Fluoridation page.
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