What Are Powerprox Braces and Why Haven’t I Heard of Them?

Introducing the 6-month smile correction that beats braces by over half the time. Traditional braces are just that… traditional. They’re cumbersome, life-altering, and they can really get in the way of your social life.

Braces That Use Shape Memory

Is that you stowing away to the bathroom to water pick? Do you have to go into the orthodontist’s office what seems like every other week for painful tightenings?
Powerprox is the answer to the braces problem that you might not have known existed.
Powerprox uses Shape Memory, a special wire that is constantly working to maintain it’s very specific shape, which corrects your smile in the process. It actually involves less pressure than traditional metal or ceramic braces. The result: less discomfort.

Straighten Your Front Teeth with Powerprox Braces

Take advantage of an orthodontic treatment that gets right to the most visible problem.
You want a straight smile now, so maybe you don’t have time to wait the standard 18-24 months that traditional braces take to give you a straight smile. Powerprox by Center for Beautiful Smiles straightens your visible teeth, the ones that stand front and center. If you suffer from bite misalignment, full orthodontic treatment will be necessary.

Low Visibility

Powerprox braces are clear and nearly invisible, unlike other orthodontic appliances and standard braces. We can even place lingual braces, which attach to the backs of your front teeth.

What About Retainers?

Just like any other orthodontic treatment, you’ll have to supplement it with retainers. But Powerprox retainers are made of the exact transparent material as the braces are.
Center for Beautiful Smiles is proud to offer Powerprox Braces and other orthodontic treatments in Chula Vista, CA, like Invisalign and traditional metal and ceramic braces. Together, we’ll help you achieve that winning smile on your own terms.

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