The Importance of Communication in Dentistry

The team at Center for Beautiful Smiles believes in the value of excellence in dentistry, but we also take pride in creating an engaging, personal patient experience. While our training and credentials allow us to provide outstanding dental care with successful results, we also want to do more than just the minimum to satisfy our patients.

As your dentist, we want you to understand the details of the work done, how it is being done, and when it is done. We want to educate our patients on the techniques and procedures at their disposal that can be used to improve overall dental health.

Our office is designed to be optimized for patient-doctor communication, and this is key to oral-health improvements and changes. The long-lasting effects of in-office dental work can be supplemented with consistent communication and understanding between the doctor and patient. Our role is to ensure you are informed about the treatment and expectations.

We aren’t here to simply perform teeth cleanings and surgery, we are here to inform, educate, and provide the resources to help you feel cleaner and healthier. At Center for Beautiful Smiles, you are welcome to have a say in your treatment process.

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