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Though many of Dr. Pham’s patients do schedule regular visits, we sometimes see patients who have not been in for check-ups in a long time, or who have had dental problems but not sought treatment right away. At the Center for Beautiful Smiles we understand the reasons that can lead you to delay seeing the dentist but waiting can cause complications that become costly, in health and in fees. We encourage you to come in to our Chula Vista dental office regularly and especially if you are having any pain or discomfort in your mouth.
Many people skip regular check-ups or avoid seeing the dentists for financial reasons. It is estimated that 44% of Americans have no dental insurance. The number is higher, 61%, for those making less than $35,000 a year. It’s understandable that out of pocket dental expenses can throw a curve ball into a budget. Unfortunately in spite of all demographics, dental decay and gum disease generally stay a steady course and small problems become larger.  A tooth that could have been simply filled becomes a tooth that requires a root canal, and the cost of the procedure multiplies accordingly.  Though in the midst of other household expenses it may seem easy to skip check-ups and ignore bearable dental discomfort, you will actually save money in the long run by investing in regular check-ups. One proactive solution is to budget dental expenses, even a small amount per month, into your monthly planning. Then a yearly or twice yearly check-up becomes easier to add to the schedule. If you feel you have a mounting problem already, talk to us about financing possibilities. We work with a 3rd-party financial group and this may help you get the treatment you need, and avoid further health complications and expenses.
Other reasons for avoiding the dentist include fear of going to the dentist or an association of pain at the dentist’s office. At the Center we do all within our power to make you feel welcome and comfortable. We consider you our family and want you to get the help you need and feel good about your visits. We offer music and video to help you relax. We use the most up-to-date, least invasive tools and procedures possible, and we make sedation dentistry available to all patients who request it and are able to receive it.
Lastly, many people feel that if their teeth look and feel good there’s really no reason to see the dentist. Of course we would like all of our patients to feel that way about their teeth and mouths but we know that oral health is truly based on prevention and early detection of problems. Many times a patient cannot see a developing problem that a dentist or dental hygienist is trained to detect.  Small cracks in tooth enamel, gums that do not hurt but have begun to recede, and the beginning stages of oral cancers are all important situations that can be taken care of with success if caught and treated early on.
For this reason we urge you to double check that regular check-ups are always on your list of positive things to do for you and your family. Call us today (619) 421-2155 or use our online scheduling page to make an appointment.

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