Are Your Teeth As White As You'd Like? Teeth Whitening May Be For You

Natural enamel color, aging, certain foods, drinks such as colas, coffee or red wine, tobacco use – there are many reasons that can cause teeth to discolor or change over time. Whether you’d like to remove stains or simply have whiter teeth than you already have, teeth whitening may be for you. And Bonita cosmetic dentist Dr. Pham can help.
Teeth whitening is a procedure in which a dentist applies a carbamide or hydrogen peroxide solution to your teeth for a short period of time. The concentrated peroxide removes the stains and lightens the color of the enamel, sometimes by several shades.  The dentist may offer a home-based solution, or an in-office, one-time treatment. (Over-the-counter whitening kits are also available but use weaker products and not considered as effective as procedures available at the dentist’s office.)
If the dentist suggests a home-based technique, he/she will take an impression of your teeth and make trays in the shape of your teeth. The peroxide solution is applied to the trays and you wear the trays for a short period of time, usually several times (your dentist will tell you how many times).
If you have an in-office treatment, the dentist will apply a liquid protection to your gums to protect them from the potentially irritating peroxide, then brush the peroxide solution on your teeth. Often a special light is applied to “cure” the procedure, sometimes called “laser”, although it does not technically involve the application of a laser. After the procedure, the liquid protection and peroxide are washed out of your mouth, leaving clean and brighter teeth.
There are no known long-term side effects to these techniques, though you may experience short-term tooth sensitivity and/or soft-tissue irritation. The whitening effects of teeth whitening are not permanent and the procedure will need to be done again at some point, although it is possible to lengthen the time between procedures. The dentist will explain what you should do or avoid doing.
At the Center for Beautiful Smiles, Dr. Pham offers both home-based and in-office “laser” teeth whitening. He also offers Zoom II (Advanced Power Pulsed Bleaching) the most advanced tooth whitening technique available, for those who have not had satisfying success with previous whitening techniques.
Visit our website to learn more about our teeth whitening services and see videos of how they work.
For more information on Zoom II go to Chula Vista cosmetic dentist. And see our discount below. Call our office at 619-421-2155 for details.
View our video on Teeth Whitening Chula Vista dentist does teeth whitening.
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